Over two million people converge in Mecca from all over the world during the Hajj doctors advise.

It went. ‘Every year, more than 50,000 British Hajj / Umrah pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia Unfortunately a significant number of these pilgrims Health significant problems due to ignorance and lack of pre trip & Safety training experience over the tragic death. 20 Hajj pilgrims returning after contracting meningitis during Hajj in the past years is a matter of serious concern doctors advise . Over two million people converge in Mecca from all over the world during the Hajj, in such crowded environment the British pilgrims and are extra risk contracting infectious diseases such as meningitis. The welfare and wellbeing of British Hajj / Umrah pilgrims is a high priority, which can be achieved only through pre travel health education and by increasing the awareness of health and safety issues. Much-needed will also help the NHS to substantial savings in NHS resources make by avoiding the need for hospitalization of returnees and prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the community. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to Health Authorities and PCTs to see in their statutory duties the well being the well-being and welfare of British pilgrims.

Dr. Jones and his colleagues examined whether miRNAs by epigenetic changes related to chromatin remodeling can be controlled. Cancer cells and normal cells chromatin remodeling chromatin remodeling drugs simultaneously inhibit DNA methylation and histone deacetylation. A subset of miRNAs was upregulated in cancer cells but not normal cells. Importantly, miR – 127, which is down-regulated in 75 percent of tested human cancer cells Drs strongly induced by treatment with chromatin – remodeling drugs. Induction of miR – 127 resulted in downregulation of BCL6, a known proto-oncogene. Therefore the induction of miR – 127 , by treatment with chromatin – remodeling drugs have an anti – cancer effect. – Taken together, our results influence epigenetic treatment that couples inhibitors of DNA methylation and histone deacetylation in the induction of some miRNAs These miRNAs can potentially the expression of target genes important for important for regulate the development and progression of cancer during humans people Further studies on epigenetic regulation of miRNA expression are necessary, and regulation of miRNA expression by epigenetic treatment may a novel strategy for the prevention or treatment of cancer to be with the people, offers Dr.

Important Safety Information for Avandia is .

Glaxo Smith KlineThe following summary GlaxoSmithKline[ NYSE: GSK] presentation of data on Avandia is to Advisory Committee of Food and Drug Administration at 30 July 2007.