PolyTherics received initial funding of 850.

PolyTherics received initial funding of 850,000 from the Wellcome Trust and the Bloomsbury BioSeed Fund? The company has secured a further investment of? 3,000,000 from Imperial Innovations Group plc, Longbow Capital LLP and The Capital Fund in June 2007. – About Celtic Pharmaceutical Holdings LP. CPH is in Bermuda with offices in New York and London.

Celtic Pharma currently has a portfolio of nine new pharmaceutical products in clinical development in a range of therapeutic areas Each product is developed to address important unmet medical needs, and Celtic Pharma aims to move these products quickly and effectively. Through clinical development to regulatory approval, Bill Henry, Managing Director – Global Head of CMC at Celtic Pharma, said: ‘We are delighted to have access to the technology capability PolyTherics through collaboration and exploring their potential impact on our product pipeline excited. ‘ excited. ‘.Also are observed no induced attacks suffered in mice, to a substance P receptor deficiency, even when animals was injected with with extracts of granuloma from infected mice and does not granuloma extracts of from mice which lacking cells matter P. Make.

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