PRESS RELEASE The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy&reg.

NABP shall consider these materials to ensure compliance with system standards. Note that, within the application process, the content of the proposed website must be available for review by NABP. NABP can be establishing a network of international regulatory groupings to facilitate evaluation of international domain name applications. Once authorized, applicants will be in a position to register the domain name through an approved registrar. Of the tens of thousands of sites selling prescription drugs online, NABP has examined over 10,900 and found that nearly 97 percent do not adhere to pharmacy laws and specifications established to safeguard the public health. NABP shall grant usage of the .pharmacy domain and then legitimate internet site operators that stick to pharmacy laws in the jurisdictions where they are based and in which their patients and customers reside, in order that consumers can easily find safe on-line pharmacies.Misrepresented their very own product by deliberately printing a misleading label! They also deceived US Customs by importing raw materials beneath the description of Battery Acid. #11) The raw meals community believes: You should never drink tap drinking water because it contains added chemicals like fluoride and chlorine. But Adya Clearness adds metals to drinking water. It is essentially a water additive containing mainly iron sulfate and aluminium sulfate as its two most common metals. It’s actually openly marketed in an effort to absorb its minerals. But why would raw foodies want to drink aluminum and iron within their sulfated form? It is astonishing that some raw foodies returned to drinking water when they utilized to drink spring water! #12) The natural meals community believes: The scientific evidence supporting the safe use of vaccines is basically fraudulent and fabricated.