Professor Peter Brophy welcomed the Center for Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Peter Brophy welcomed the Center for Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh , the funding announcement, said: at the new center, positioned Medical School the University and close to the new center and the Royal Infirmary, we are able to draw together strands of expertise to better understand MS and to develop new treatments, so that we can take from the strong neuroscience base in Edinburgh. .

An honorary doctorate in dentistry is to Jukka Meurman, professor at the Institute of Dentistry, University of Helsinki, for his tireless efforts in promoting research collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and his own university to be awarded. Nobel Assembly a PhD examiner and expert on the allocation of project funds and received young Swedish scientists at the dental clinic in Helsinki. He is also in an ongoing partnership with Karolinska Institutet on inflammation research, and as Secretary General of the Nordic Society Odontological he constantly asked his colleagues to to network and share their findings to each other.Katja Radon precisely did a longitudinal study into in the progression of the disease monitoring virtually 4000 subjects from early childhood until adulthood. The participating also delivered information atopic reactions and occupational exposure about possible sensitizing materials. ‘Based on the the data we obtain, we a probabilistic model that is developed the disease progression during puberty, a phase that often critical can not predict,’says radon. ‘It turns out, 20 percent which most important risk factor for adolescents exposure substances such as powder and disinfectants. Has significant implications have significant implications to patient care in particular in view of their career choices have ‘..

analyzing the registration trial indicated unveiled on ISHLT over the past year that CyIS chronic rejection, that leading cause in lung transplantation prevent this follow-up data also show that to significant survival of the CyIS versus placebo in the long term. said Aldo Iacono, 10-day study and Medical Director of the averaging graft Programme at the University of Maryland Medical Center, Associate Professor of Medicine from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.