Said lead study author Joseph Weistroffer.

80 percent of NFL lineman back in game after disc surgery Study shows linemen are back in game after disc surgery, encouraging average visitors to resume dynamic livesNFL linemen can recover from back surgery and return to their spine-bruising careers, so can you return back to your video game of horsing around together with your kids or training at the gym after back surgery. That is the good news from a new Northwestern Medicine study that found 80 % of NFL lineman – whose spines are specially vulnerable to degeneration – were able to return to play many more games following the surgery .

Because the scholarly study had not been powered to assess differences among treatments on all of the analyzed variables, results that aren’t related to the primary outcome should be considered as merely indicative. Analysis of the primary end points was performed on an intention-to-treat basis. The assumptions on effect determined the need for 15 patients who would receive medical therapy, 15 who would undergo gastric bypass, and 11 who would undergo biliopancreatic diversion. However, assuming an attrition rate of 25 percent during the period of the analysis, we determined that we would need to enroll 60 patients . We compared continuous variables in baseline characteristics using one-way evaluation of variance. We used a chi-square check to study the association between study group and the rate of remission.