Scientists from different countries wrote in the journal Nature Genetics.

The authors of thissociated with the onset of puberty in girlsdetermine thirty or more genes that are involved when a girl reached puberty, scientists from different countries wrote in the journal Nature Genetics, after scanning the genomes of more than 100,000 women in Europe, the USA and Australia. Girls in several countries, including Britain and the United States are entering puberty early, some as young as 10 years, the authors explain.

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BIMC has initiated a joint project of Beijing Municipal Government, the Ministry of Health and other Chinese officials. BIMC is planned to occupy a 15 – square mile area in Tongzhou, an eastern suburb of Beijing, and hospitals, research and education facilities and support are.Colon or rectum to treat lung cancer combination treatment.

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A third of all cancer deaths in the U.S. Are of this type.Avastin be the first drug to approved by the FDA, created angiogenesis angiogenesis – of processes carried by which new blood vessels and feed a tumors. The drug is also approved. In combination with intravenous 5 – fluorouracil-based chemotherapy for first – or second-line treat patients metastatic the colon or rectum.