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We now stand at a crossroads, that depending on government policy and funding decisions to decide whether our system to be more fair to our patients, or erode our collective burdens, Sisto said.. Weak hospital margins and losses are primarily due to governmental and private insurance reimbursement rates artificially low and in some cases more than a decade are no longer current. Several years of federal and cuts, along with labor shortages and rising costs for everything, of blood products liability insurance will also exacerbate current revenue challenges hospital administrators.

A recent Healthcare Association of New York State analysis of the hospital gave financial data that more than half of of state hospitals lost money or recorded margins of less than 1 percent in 2006. A separate international comparative study by the American Hospital Association found that the average operating margin for the 49th New York hospitals in the nation in 2006, second only to Hawaii court.

Cuts enacted in spring 2007, with the national economic slowdown and related Wall Street combined, strongly suspect when updated data are available late next year, hospital margins are found to have returned once again to the red in 2007.Guy say that many of of these injuries are easily preventable and offers these tips in for safe Christmas time:.

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