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Global food inflation is increasing, and 2013 will be even worse thanks to the intense droughts of 2012 that struck croplands across North America. At the same time, grocery stores continue to sell unlabeled GMOs hidden in their foods. Even shopping at Whole Foods is often a GMO mine field. As a solution to all or any this, I would love to find a way to obtain groceries that’s low-cost and non-GMO at the same time, with free shipping on top of that. But that seems like a pipe wish, right? Who sells accredited non-GMO meals at a discount and offers free shipping, too? The solution is Green PolkaDot Package, which has authorized Natural Information to announce their ‘Non-GMO Task Verified’ specials, good only while products last or through midnight, this coming Monday.International Comparisons Internationally, among 11 industrialized countries rated by the OECD , Canada falls behind only Japan, Hungary and France in drug spending as a share of total wellness spending. AMERICA was ranked eighth, with drug expenditures accounting for 12.4 percent of its total healthcare expenditures. There are several significant variations in medication spending across Canada. In 2001, the share of total health expenditures allocated to drugs ranged from 3.1 percent in Nunavut to 17.9 percent in Quebec. Grootendorst.

AAOS appreciates FDA’s communication in metal-on-metal hip components in total hip arthroplasty Orthopaedic surgeons increase awareness and provide information on hip substitute components to patients, colleagues and medical community at-huge The U.S.