The Associated Press / Seattle Times: Minnesota.

Linda] Berglin of Minneapolis , told the legislature approach is more efficient, costs the state an average of $ 457 per person per month rather than $ 937 under Pawlenty plan. The 104th proposal would cost the state more money overall, because more people would fall. Republicans argued that the legislature with a comprehensive solution to the outline must state $ 1200000000 deficit before bills that burden the budget more ‘(Bakst.. The Associated Press / Seattle Times: Minnesota. ‘General Assistance Medical Care covers adults with annual incomes of less than $ 8 including many with chronic health problems, chemical addiction and mental diseases hospital officials fear Pawlenty proposed switch will it cost because they expect rising uncompensated care for projections that thousands do not qualify for MinnesotaCare coverage[ in which people pay premiums on a sliding scale].[ Democratic Sen.

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