The Bulletin of the World Health Organization is one of the leading public health journals rx pills.

The Bulletin of the World Health Organization is one of the leading public health journals , it is the flagship magazine of the World Health Organization , with a particular focus on developing countries, the articles are peer-reviewed and are independent of wHO guidelines – are more articles in this issue of the Bulletin : rx pills .

Mosquito Plus larvicides help fight malaria in KenyaThe risk that children infected with malaria can be substantially a novel combination of measures to the larvae of the malaria mosquito and the use of insecticide-treated nets to reduced kill, according to a paper published in the international public health journal, the Bulletin of the world Health Organization. Ulrike Fillinger, lead author of a study on the effects of combining vector control with microbial larvicides and ITNs found that anti – larval be a promising a promising complement to ITN distribution in western Kenya. A significant increase in in malaria recently in the African highlands, found mainly on the rise of drug – resistant strains of malaria parasites and land use changes have been, Fillinger said. Our findings suggest that the vector control in Africa all stages of the mosquito life cycle – including the larva stage – can be a very effective tool to fight malaria in the future to be sub-Saharan in some parts of Africa. .

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