The cure for enteric anendocrinosis and diabetes involve two diseases.

The cure for enteric anendocrinosis and diabetes – involve two diseases, lost a certain kind of cells – can derived ultimately from stem cells replace replace dysfunctional cells and produce the right kind of hormones, said Dr. Doron Kahana, a pediatric gastroenterology research associate Mart? n laboratory. At UCLA, weeks. Known causes of chronic diarrhea. It affects about 5 % of the population and only rarely in the first weeks of life. Cause chronic diarrhea occurs and can lead to severe malnutrition and growth failure in children -.

‘.. ‘In mice, neurogenin-3 development of endocrine cells in the pancreas, , including the, including the insulin-producing cells, ‘said Dr. Michael German, professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, Hormone Research Institute. ‘in the absence of neurogenin-3, no insulin-producing cells is produced in the pancreas, and the animals develop diabetes at birth. Therefore called neurogenin -3 was a ‘pro – endocrine ‘ gene, as it drives to precursor cells mature into endocrine cells. ‘.

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