The Harvard School of Public Health based study of more than 15.

– ‘Unlike the previous study, we were able to mothers in our study, no diabetes, and those who did, Of course, other were significantly greater, ‘said lead researcher Elizabeth J. Mayer – Davis, of the University of South Carolina Arnold School of Public Health. ‘We found a significant advantage for breastfeeding for all children, regardless of their mother weight or health. For children can at higher risk for breast diabetes or obesity because of their family history, a critical role in managing the risk of excessive weight gain reducing play. Of course, other factors are equally important, such as continued good nutrition and regular physical activity. But breastfeeding can begin a healthy way of life.

Breastfed babies are less likely to extra pounds put because their mothers to react to stop eating the baby natural cries for food and internal signals, when they are full, instead a certain a certain amount of food encouraged to complete what in the bottle.According to WHO, the prevalence of obesity be 17 percent in Czech Republic that is higher than the levels in Sweden now (about The number of the of obesity surgery to the Czech Republic has increased sharply over recent years and be amount to is estimated more than 1,000 per annum the number of the branches in Sweden, which being approximately the same number on population, more than 5,000 annually , the need in either greater than that greater than that.