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Apply the knowledge of changes in risk factors, the authors of the 10 – year risk of death or cardiovascular events using risk models computed from the National Health and Nutrition Surveys derived. The researchers estimated that avoid for every 100 patients, the surgery would be probably 16 cardiovascular events and 4 overall deaths, as compared with the control group. This study was the results the results at the Mayo Clinic a large amount of a large volume of bariatric surgeries and has a very low peri-operative mortality.Between 80-120 and Soy Foods Linkedof eating men who eat an average of a half dose soybean per day lower concentrations of sperm cells than males do not eat has soy foods released for Online in leaders reproductive in Europe Medical journal Research, Human Reproduction, today (Thursday, the association was especially among men who were either overweight or obese marked, the study found.

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