The researchers replaced with a different amino acid phenylalanine.

Srivastava Srivastava and his UF College of Medicine colleagues to test what would happen if they took the phosphate out of the equation.To do this, the researchers replaced with a different amino acid phenylalanine, tyrosine. The two amino acids are identical except for one thing – phenylalanine lacks the part that attracts phosphate. ‘We do not change anything except the amino acid that does not allow phosphorylation take place,’he said. ‘It was very easy. Can from a company from a company and each amino acid to mutate. ‘.

‘It’s amazing to think that a change one amino acid could achieve these results.. Tyrosine is found seven spots on the surface of AAV, said Srivastava. Scientists created seven new vectors, replacing another tyrosine in each and inserting them in the gene that causes the production of the protein of the blood coagulation factor IX. Patients with hemophilia B, a common form of the disease, not naturally produce this protein. AAV – In tissue samples and in mice, all the new vectors worked better than a commonly used version of AAV. One of the versions, in particular worked 11 times better in tissue samples after 48 hours.Tell say some HIV / AIDS proponents the Programme on an ’empty promise ‘, the AP / Chronicle ‘s reported offering. J CEO John said Martin that the company is the opportunity are their drugs authorized by the governments in developing countries must be specified. He adding that Gilead believes of intellectual property rights world. ‘We are a small business in a big world where spending billions of dollars are provided on the problem of AIDS,’Martin said, adding: ‘The most important , we believe that our products patent should be registered ‘..

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