The results offer new insight into both normal sleep and narcolepsy.

Bru003e bru003e to dissect the neurological components of sleep, the scientists examined the phenomenon of cataplexy – the sudden loss of muscle tone, while a state of complete alertness bru003e bru003e suffer the majority of narcolepsy from the disease, in which emotion a strong, actually. A joke cause, may they a state of paralysis a state of paralysis of awareness a few seconds to half an hour. Even in narcoleptic dogs, emotional arousal can, play, or even receiving a favorite food trigger cataplexy. In contrast, bru003e The researchers were distinguished with cataplexy as a unique natural experiment the the neural basis of loss of consciousness of the skeletal muscle paralysis during sleep. Bru003e bru003e In their studies, they have the role of the three types of neurons in the brain concentrates the central the central region of sleep and wakefulness.

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