The study shows that malnutrition.

The study shows that malnutrition, stunted growth and obesity and excess weight among youth in among youth in Cameroon. It is therefore necessary to preventive programs for both over-and under nutrition school children. Such a program must take into account gender and socioeconomic differences.

Cameroon population change their eating habits. Instead of the traditional diet they are consuming more and more processed, sweet and fatty foods. The rapid change in dietary habits is the same time as people are becoming less physically active. This has led to a fairly high incidence of overweight people, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Nutrition is adolescence period adolescence period for growth, health, cognitive development and school performance.Dean Baker, a co – author of the study by Centre for Economic and Policy Research, said: ‘What we see how to save money on the program. ‘He added: ‘It is part of our campaign to resolve the Part GB emergency ‘(Henry, North Jersey Herald News.. Congress to Negotiation Could money by Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit saving, is trial.

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