They should not shy away from asserting their role.

– Fathers , for example, for example, to go to visit with the pediatrician and ask questions about their child’s development, she suggested. She also said that fathers should look for groups in their communities, and support and encouragement for fatherhood and visiting sites fathers about the paternity of their role. Such resources can help fathers develop their unique strengths as parents. We know that fathers play with children in a different way than mothers, they are more physical and that the performances of the children physical activity actually helps the development of children, she said.. On the way, they should not shy away from asserting their role, said Jennifer Bellamy, assistant professor at the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration.

Works in the Texas program was something of an eye opener for Bellamy. ‘I had never really thought about fatherhood questions.Volunteers Of Health Innovation: A New Paediatric Speciality and an well Wired Clinic.

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