This development implies that the 8 Read more.

Affiris alzheimer’s vaccine in clinical trial The Alzheimer’s vaccine referred to as Affitope AD01 from Affiris has entered the clinical phase of its advancement Read more . All relevant regulatory and statutory approvals have been secured which innovative treatment is now being tested on human beings for the first time. This development implies that the 8.5 million-Euro venture capital finance agreement the business concluded with Munich-based MIG-Fonds in April 2006 has reached an integral milestone on schedule. Up to 24 Alzheimer’s sufferers are to be vaccinated, with the aim of this initial phase I trial being to show the vaccine’s safety and its own suitability for human make use of. The trial has been run at the Vienna General Hospital and is because of be completed within twelve months.

However, only detached beta-amyloid is dangerous, as its deposits are a regular feature of Alzheimer’s disease. When component of APP, beta-amyloid is essential for healthy brain cell function. If no distinction is manufactured between these two types, an immune response against beta-amyloid can attack brain cells. Consequently, if a vaccine against Alzheimer’s is usually to be effective and safe, the immune system must be in a position to distinguish between detached beta-amyloid and the beta-amyloid that is part of APP. Newly patented AFFITOME technology from Affiris GmbH does specifically that. It creates it possible to produce a vaccine that directs the immune system to attack only the harmful type of beta-amyloid. This patent means that Affiris GmbH provides in principle secured all peptide sequences which you can use to attack detached beta-amyloid.