This patient was quite a challenge for surgeons at the University of Arizona.

Then she was discharged without complications.. This patient was quite a challenge for surgeons at the University of Arizona. She requireddle-aged woman who presented with abdominal pain and vomiting of 24-hour duration. Their history was significant for pancreas divisum and chronic pancreatitis. Four years ago, she underwent a Whipple procedure as therapy for her pancreatic abnormalities. The evidence of Whipple to correct pancreas divisum carry interviewed by the authors in their work. She required revision one year later with a Puestow operation due to the pancreatico-intestinal anastomosis stricture. Since then she had experienced intermittent abdominal pain for which she had been prescribed strong pain killers, with only partial relief. Upon arrival at the University of Arizona, severe abdominal tenderness palpation was thrown.

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