This was the first official visit of the new NMC Chief Executive and Registrar Dickon Weir Hughes.

The disease can types of bacteria, types of bacteria, and the identification of the perpetrators already during an outbreak is crucial for its containment. Suzanne Chanteau in Niger and colleagues have now developed a new set of simple and accurate identify the cause determine the cause of the outbreak locally. As they describe in a research article in the international open-access journal PLoS Medicine, from their ‘dipstick ‘tests require no fancy laboratory equipment, and even refrigeration.. This was the first official visit of the new NMC Chief Executive and Registrar Dickon Weir – Hughes, who took over from Kathy George CBE RRC on 1 November ‘ test for early detection of meningitis guiltyAbout a million people every year, most of them in the ‘meningitis belt ‘in Africa, contract bacterial meningitis, a potentially fatal infection of the tissues, the brain and spinal cord.

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