Through this initiative.

The AMA launched its Improving Wellness Outcomes initiative in 2013 aimed at avoiding both type 2 diabetes and heart disease. That work includes a partnership with the YMCA of the USA to increase the number of physicians who display individuals for prediabetes and refer them to diabetes avoidance programs provided by local YMCAs that are section of the CDC's recognition program. This joint effort included 11 physician practice pilot sites in four states, where care teams helped to see the development of the AMA and CDC's toolkit. In the coming a few months, the AMA will become identifying states where to strengthen the linkages between the clinical care placing and communities to reduce the incidence of diabetes.But what happened to us was very fortunate. An ‘angel’ trader heard about the program and offered to help us. He offered us the money to develop our approach to the point where we could take it into medical trials. David: Yes, we’d a really great conversation and Geoff got very excited about what we’d discovered. I’m sure his enthusiasm helped convey the significance of this work. Therefore the business angel provided enough funds for us to develop the vaccine and perform what is called ‘tox tests’ to prove it’s safe. You have to prove that the vaccine is not toxic in animals giving them doses 500 times greater than you would give human beings. When this proved successful we were ready to take it to scientific trials, but we faced another funding hurdle.