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The GINA regulations that come into force on 6 December at employers and health limitations on collecting genetic information that defines, to include family medical. The removal of these questions from the HRA changed many of the instruments, future disease risk algorithms. Extensive analysis of 35,000 HRA has compared pre-and post – GINA assessment results for future risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, that the removal of family history information from Longitude led the HRA to an average 5 percent shift towards lower risk in the general population for each risk factor.

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Average of 5 percent Announces GINA – compliant Health Risk Assessment Available 15th November 2009Longitude Health, a provider of web-based, guided health and wellness solutions, today announced the availability of a fully GINA-compliant health risk assessment 15 November and offers employers a solution, the current open enrollment requirements and approaches meet regulatory changes..Challenge It is now using this knowledge for the good. How can we feedback the people, and how can we to improve self – knowledge? Vazire asked. And how we will use self-knowledge for to help people who be happier and have improved relations? .

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