Together with the publication of research by more than 230 journals worldwide.

Many Elsevier journals will encourage the Council of Science Editors ‘ campaign to scientific journals, focusing the subject participating Poverty and Human Development in October Twenty-five Elsevier science and health journals have contributed in any way which, in this important topic in October problems The aim of the campaign , raise awareness, interest and research into poverty and human development is an international collaboration with journals from developed and developing countries.. Twenty Journals Participate In Wide Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development on on October 2007 organized by the National Institutes of Health the introduction of the Council of Science Editors ‘ Global Theme Issue on Poverty and Human Development, together with the publication of research by more than 230 journals worldwide.

Editors About the Council for Sciencein Reston, Virginia, the Council of Science Editors’ underlying purpose, members of academic academic, scientific publishing, and computer science communities serve by fostering networking, education, Discussion and exchange and a crucial resource to current and future problems in the communication of scientific information Click here for more info.

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