Tuberculosis and Malaria] and PEPFAR.

Advocacy, commitment, investment needed to continue HIV/AIDS response Some people of Congress are advocating deep cuts to funding for domestic programs such as [the Ryan White CARE Act] and international programs like the Global Fund [to Battle AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria] and PEPFAR, but [w]hat these critics neglect to realize is that though we’ve won a multitude of battles, we are losing the war in many communities still, Rep cialis generico . Michael Honda writes in a U.S. News & World Statement opinion piece. We must continue to discover innovative, targeted solutions in the fight this dreaded disease, he continues, adding, There are plenty of of us in Congress who identify this important fact, chief among those are my dear friend Rep.

All rights reserved.. Advertising on heath overhaul picks up again Health care marketing is revving up before the final votes in pending congressional legislation again. ‘A slew of interest groups lobbying on medical care overhaul is usually cranking up the quantity of advertising places and grass-roots arranging this week as Congressional leaders competition to put the completing touches on controversial legislation to remake the nation’s medical program,’ Roll Call reviews. The Campaign Media Analysis Group says that groupings spent more than $200 million on ads this past year, but ‘there was a steep drop in these spots following the election of Massachusetts Republican Sen.