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These are both both popular and influential in community of male sex workers. POLs are trained appropriate relevant information, and male prostitutes will be interviewed before and after the intervention changes changes in behaviors such as condom use.. Social and Behavioural Sciences – use social networking technologies to the prevention of HIV infectionHongjie Liu, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA $ 119,930 A pilot study of a text – messaging-enhanced POL HIV intervention program: Men involved in transactional sex with other men is an important source of HIV transmission in China, especially condom use is low. Liu design and test an education and prevention intervention in which male sex workers receive information both face-to-face as well as via SMS from the popular opinion leader .

De Rijck plans, the role of such a protein, transportin-SR2 , in the conveying direction of the virus into the nucleus educate integrate integrate into the DNA. He is determining particularly interested in what regions of the TRN-SR2 that interact with the HIV integrase protein. His additional studies to create faulty versions of TRN-SR2 test the suitability of this protein interaction as a new target for drug development.

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