Which can lead to a stroke or heart attack.

The study, in the 8th February issue of the American Heart Association’s publication Circulation appears that people with gum disease from from atherosclerosis – a narrowing of blood vessels, which can lead to a stroke or heart attack.


Desvarieux and his colleagues demonstrated that specific causes associated with these people, atherosclerosis with the type of bacteria, periodontal disease, and not with other oral bacteria. They confirmed this by assessing the levels of three different groups of microorganisms – those The relationship betweenriodontitis, which possibly possibly periodontal disease, and those not connected to not connected to cause the disease. The relationship between atherosclerosis and bacteria in the mouth are genuinely only existed for bacteria with periodontitis. The research is part of the NIH – funded INVEST at Columbia University Medical Center and the University of Minnesota and the NINDS – funded Northern Manhattan Study..The researchers used a standard words – list call be measured amnesia. For subscribers whose loss of memory were too strong to using the word lists, explorer interviewed spouses and other caregivers through a standardized assessment. Store score for shall be expressed in standard deviation units.

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