Zimbabwean children who have been the brunt a shattered economy.

Schools and hospitals are closed, while teachers, nurses and doctors are not on duty. UNICEF It is top priority to ensure that Zimbabwe children get vital life saving interventions during this critical period. 120-Day Emergency see UNICEF relief efforts in the provision of basic social services to focus UNICEF will increase health outreach services provide nutritional supplements, boost school attendance, and to scale up access to clean water in the short term. – Key resuscitation include:.. Zimbabwean children who have been the brunt a shattered economy, severe food insecurity, HIV / AIDS and lack social services and the acute effects of a lack of food, water and medical care, are now succumbing to cholera and are not likely in the school after their Christmas break back.

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CHD is usually due to arteriosclerosis – plaque builds on the artery walls, restriction of the blood flow to the heart. There is the danger of clot formation blood flow blood flow to the heart muscle. Of coronary heart disease is a common reason by breast pain , shortness of breath, myocardial infarction and some other symptoms.. The fact that inherited factors play a part in coronary artery disease has long been recognized, however, whether the increased risk is genetically conditioned or because of unhealthy family setting is not been established.